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How to run a competition using Maxmail’s two-way SMS marketing system

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We all know that worldwide (developed western countries, OECD) mobile phone saturation rates are nearing 100%. Also, we are living in a culture and economy that is driven by fancy gadgets and instant gratification. Customers are only interested in your product or service if you have the answer to their “Right Now” problem.

The old adage of being at the “right place at the right time” has never been more of a reality.

But let me take this old wisdom one step further. The times we live in, for marketeers it is no longer about being in the right place at the right time but delivering the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.

Your customers typically have 2 email addresses, 1 mobile phone, check their emails at least once a day, carry their mobile phones with them, are avid texters and also love free stuff.

So let me show you how using Maxmail you can run a powerful two-way messaging campaign to increase your conversion rates in a matter of seconds and engage buyer interest by inviting them to participate in a competition.

In my example I will use a pseudo PC sales company that speciailses in selling low price computer hardware. John is the store manager and is an avid Maxmail user.

John also has a list of his regular customers who have opted in to receive notifications of “firesale” items via email and SMS. John has an SMS sender list that looks somewhat like this

First Name | Last Name | Mobile Number | Special Interest

John             Smith           021 123 4567    Motherboards
Sally             Jones           027 123 5674    Computer Accessories
James          T. Kirk          021 4787098     Windows Software

Using the Maxmail import engine John has imported the subscribers to the sender list (much like you import email subscribers in the mailing list)

John now creates a message using his company sender ID (setup by Maxmail) – MyPCstore (Max 10 characters alpha numeric)

Sally gets the following message from MyPCstore

Hi Sally, Never 2 b repeated in-store specials on computer accessories begin 2day. Up2 80% off slected items. Reply with D word “count me in” 2 go in D draw 2 win D latest Logitech Webcam.

NOTE: The message has been typed using SMS shorthand for make the most of the 160 characters available in a single SMS message.

Sally replies back to MyPCstore with “Count Me In” and she is automaticall


Use Maxmail to create a sender list with custom fields to capture specific interest groups (if applicable).

  • Create a personalised SMS message and send it to your sender list
  • Include clear instructions about what the reply message should be
  • Now reward your customers for participating in your competition.

PS: If you are really smart then you would ask your customers to forward the message to their friends who when come into your store, and show the message to you, get a bigger than usual discount.


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October 13, 2008 at 10:11 pm

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