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Effective SMS Marketing using Maxmail

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The use of mobiles has become rampant. Most people in the developed and the developing regions of the globe own the latest handsets that they use for connecting and communicating on the move. These high-end gadgets have become a part of life- a fact that is having impact on other areas as well. Many companies are using this trend to their advantage; they are making the most a feature called SMS marketing to make their presence felt among a target group of users.

As is evident from the name, SMS marketing is a procedure wherein specific messages from a particular company are sent to certain mobile numbers. As of now, there are many guidelines in place and the marketing through such messages do not fall in the realm of spam. Most often than not, the service providers take care of the fact that the subscribers to their services are not at the receiving end of spam messages.

This form of marketing is a part of other such procedures, which can collectively be given the name of mobile marketing. The corporates – going for any of these options- could send MMS messages as well and create a better impact on their users. Apart from MMS and SMS service, there are other alternatives such as Bluetooth marketing and Infrared marketing.

The content of these messages is promotional in nature as well as interactive. As a matter of fact, many corporates are using the SMS delivery solutions to forge a healthy relationship with the end users.

The corporate clients can use the SMS marketing solutions to ensure that the customers remain loyal to their services. They can also acquaint the target users with special deals and offers, or new and innovative products that have just been launched. The interactivity of these solutions could ensure that the clients get a response from their users, which in turn would help them to enhance the quality and the level of their services. Moreover, customer interest can be generated using the platform of popular competitions, which could also double up as a source of revenue.

The SMS delivery solutions have instant reach. In addition, one could also use SMS gateways to generate the maximum hype with the minimum possible costs. There are certain demerits as well; the messages could sometimes become very much obtrusive. To deal with this problem, the corporate clients should understand where to draw the line. The messages have to be short and crisp – otherwise these would loose their purpose. People are not generally interested in going through long messages.

Despite the minor drawbacks, the SMS gateways are proving to be the best bet for many small and medium business establishments and corporate houses wanting to reach the users of their products and services at the grass-root level.


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October 14, 2008 at 1:27 pm

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