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2009 Technology Trend Spotting

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I’ve been thinking. I recently came across a news release on CNN Money predicting the 4 major technology winners of 2009. This is what they named as the 4 technological winners in 2009

  1. Netbooks
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Virtualisation
  4. Improved Broadband

While Ihave given you a very generalised view of what CNN Money put out in its press release, I have come up with a slight variaiton in the original news release about the prediction.

Smart Devices

In my opinion, Smartphones (especially the Apple iPhone) are going to be the “in” thing. With extended browser capabilites of the Safari Browser, the iPhone presents an ideal launchpad for web based applications to transition into a mobile platform. However, no support for Flash yet means there are some barriers to the iPhone providing customers with a truly mobile browsing experience.

Cloud Computing

More and more software solutions are being offered through the cloud computing model. In a previous post, one of the things I suggest for all CEOs in 2009 is to consider the pay as you go model boasted by Cloud Computing – this not only allows you to control your software licensing spend, but also limits your overall risk in IT infrastructure – There is a good point for debate here – but I’ll talk about that later.

Unified and Integrated Systems

One of the biggest hits for 2009 will be single contact applications – Applications that are able to do several functions (which were traditionally performed using several individual software) from within one interface. For example, the ability to run email marketing, sms marketing, online surveys, website analytics and marketing ROI calculation from a single interface.

RFID and NFC technologies

Another mover and shaker in 2009 will be the arrival of contactless technology. The technology runs over a protocol similar to Bluetooth, called Near Field Communication or NFC. While NFC is yet to be made available to the mainstream hand held devices, the technology has multiple uses outside of the Mobile Phone industry.

So if you are a small business, running a website with the purpose of generating revenue from it, you should start thinking about taking your business to mobile devices and start adopting the Software as a Service model for managing your business applications.

And before you realise it will be 2010 and I will have a whole new set of technology trend spotting to share with you.

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December 21, 2008 at 12:06 pm

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