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Visitor to Customer – The Magic of Human Interaction

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6 billion people, over 8 billion web pages – Now what are you doing to differentiate your online presence from the rest of the crowd?

No matter how fancy or techy your website looks, ultimately it’s being used by humans. And humans relate better to humans that they ever will to “behind the scenes” technology (no matter how cool you make it).

In one of my previous articles warning business owners of the danger of ignoring the importance of the Human Element, I talked about how the Human Element is what makes a company’s online presence “real”.

You see the web is a very 2-dimensional space and when you have a product or service offering that competes in a “red ocean” market, you need every bit of personality to help you differentiate – afterall, who you are makes a big difference when it comes to people buying your products or services.

So here’s a thought:

Most websites have good design and a fair amount of content. Be honest and ask yourself; how many times have you been onto a website and read through the entire content – from start to finish. If you answered “always” – then my friend, you are lying and God is watching – so be careful.

Let’s face it, no one wants to go through scrolls of text and images to get an answer to their “right-now” problem. In the previous decade, the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” was often used to emphasise the value of emotion in a 2-dimensional space where live interactions were lacking.

So if that be true, then how many words is a real person talking about your business worth. Go figure.

Regardless of what you think, your website exists to generate business (directly or indirectly). If this is not your goal then mate, you are wasting your time.

Now for this to happen, you need people to visit your website – there needs to be a proper FIND strategy for that.

Once there, your website visitors are exposed to a plethora of information, artwork, imagery and all the rest of it. Now if you are anything like me, you are always in and out of websites within seconds.

The reason I do that is because I cant be bothered reading through trying to find where to click to get my answer or solution. And guess what – I aint the only one thats like that. Research shows that a good 92% of the internet population would have this similarity when it comes to surfing through websites.

So how do you stop this in and out process?

Well, my short answer is that you use Live Ambassador. Have a short 15 second presentation on the website home page that has a simple and straight forward script:

Hello and Welcome to my site. At My company, we are in the business of doing this, a bit of that and some of that too. Click on me to find out exactly what you came here for.

Now let the click-through go to the most critical landing page of your website and this time have a 30 second presentation on the page.

Hey! Did you know that 85% of all purchases made in the 4rth quarter of 2007 in New Zealand were done as a result of prior research online? So what are you waiting for, click on me and have one of our consultants give you a call and get you minting money online.

Click through goes to lead capture form, email comes to you-

Ta da!

Brand new lead in just 45 seconds. Now its up to your sales team to do the magic and close the deal.

Now what I have just talked about above, is not rocket science but I tell you the truth – it works.

So if you havent already done so, try a Live Ambassador on your website and see how well it fits from a visual perspective. Not only does Live Ambassador set you apart it also drives visitors to take action and get in touch with you.

All up – if you want to succeed online in 2009, you ought to give Live Ambassador a serious look.

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  1. Hi, cool site, good writing 😉


    February 9, 2009 at 7:30 pm

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