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The Internet is about to CHANGE in a big way

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This article will surely raise some questions for you. But no matter what, please remain calm

This article will surely raise some questions for you. But no matter what, please remain calm

To innovate or not to innovate?

The other day while driving back from a meeting across the shore, I had one of those “flashes”. I happen to get these flashes quite often and it is these that are responsible for some of the most innovative “stuff” we have come up with at Genesis Interactive.

This blog post is not about all the past flashes so I’ll get straight into it now.

The flash: We have this plethora of online “channels” around us; social networking sites, blogging platforms, microblogging platforms, email systems, online softwrae, webpages etc. It seems like we have reached a point in history where innovation exhaustion is inevitable. Here’s what I mean. If you are someone like me, you will have a massive online footprint. Google yourself and you will quickly find out what the “online world” knows about you, your past, your present and God knows what else.

Who is going to consolidate all this informaiton, all this data? How is this going to be done? When?

You have one login for Google services, another for Acrobat; then comes the multiple logins for social media sites, twitter, facebook, myspace, bebo, LinkedIn and so on…Keeping all these logins the same is a major risk making you vulnerable to identity thefts – guess or crack one login and you’ve got access to virtually the life of a person.

Notice I mention these social media platforms in lower cases – signifying that there is nothing “unique” about these names to be considered a Proper Noun.

Google’s initiative with the Open Social Alliance attempts to bring some sanity to this madness with maintaining multiple logins for multiple systems. The OpenID works in a similar way where across selected sites you can login to use the site’s services using one standard login. But that does not address the challenge I am forseeing.

So what is the problem Manas?

Not so much a problem, but an incling that sooner or later managing your online presence is going to become too cumbersome and begging of a question – “is it even worth it?”

I am talking about businesses who believe in using online channels for effectively growing their business beyond standard geographical boundaries. You know you have to do SEO, email marketing, a bit of blogging/article writing, social media networking, professional networking, instant messaging etc. To a certain degree you may even be using these today.

But there will come a time (maybe 1 year, maybe 10) when people will have to choose which platforms they wish to interface with and channel the information across – there is already enough information out there to last us all a lifetime. And then you have to be mindful of the preference of your target market – are they more into Bebo or Facebook? Do they tweet or write on peolpe’s walls in Facebook? Are they big time online searchers (blogging makes sense then) or are they more of a “pick up the phone and talk to the guys” personality – depending on these conditions, your online marketing strategy could pan across several online and offline channels – managing this complex distribution of information is no small task – and my biggest concern is, going forward, small businesses will either ignore the importance of this need for systematic distribution or they will fall into the classic trap of DIY and try to do everything themselves – It’s a pipedream.

I want to know if you are seeing what I see in the sense that as much as it is important for us to continue innovating (Building as well as using), there comes a time when consolidation becomes just as vital.

One system that can intelligently (and I mean it) distribute content across various channels depending on the nature of the material means you and I wont have to worry about keeping our Facebook profiles up to date and then send a couple of tweets from the iPhone, write a blog post on WordPress, say hi to your connections on LinkedIn, check your advertising reports on Adwords and check your You Tube video Insight at the same time.

One system that can, with the touch of a button take the content, dissect it, set time lapses between each distribution, select the appropriate platforms (based on the target market profiles) and broadcast it across the information waves – How would that look like?

Would that mean that you, the Chief Marketing Officer/Marketing Manager will look at the 42 inch plasma screen in your office, touch the screen and see what’s being distributed, where, with what kind of results knowing that as you are watching this piece of info, at the same time your CEO is looking at the financial outcomes of that…Dude! That’s powerful- don’t you agree?

Love to hear your thoughts about this – might be a crazy idea but what’s life without a bit of crazy?

Drop me a line…


4 Responses

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  1. Manus, whats the cost to build interfaces and programme, how long to go live who is part of this now.

    Call me 0275 526 335

    Graham Bloxham

    June 4, 2009 at 1:42 am

    • Hi Graham, Sorry for the late response. I had been super busy with a lot of interesting develpments resulting from this blog post. Can you be specific as to the reason you ask this question? Are you interested in developing a product of this nature?


      June 17, 2009 at 10:32 am

  2. Hi Manas,

    I agree – I strugle to even understand the point of all these website/blogs/social networking, etc. as there seems to be a lot of double ups.

    One super user password would be good and the broadcast system would also be amazing especially for a small company which would make you look like a very big company quickly.



    June 6, 2009 at 4:32 am

  3. I reckon a ‘password vault’ is a winner. Super-security in one area, and you link your vault to all logins everywhere. Who wouldn’t use it?? You can have that idea for free Manas! Cheers, Jonno


    June 23, 2009 at 9:29 am

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