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The imminent death of the OS

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Got this from Google, like always.

Got this from Google, like always.

The operating system as we know it is coming closer to extinction.

There was a time in computing when the operating system governed what and how you can use software on a PC or Mac. Microsoft for one has made it’s billions by selling the Windows Operating System, and by producing good quality software (Like MS Word) it made sure the revenue streams remained open for generations to come as it kept improving (or sometimes degrading, e.g. Vista) its operating system.

If you want something like Outlook, you have to use the Windows OS, if you want something like Keynote, you have to be on a Mac and so on. Software, for the last 2 decades has depended on the OS to be accessible by the end users.

Adobe and Google are undertaking big RnD initiatives to produce software that relies on only one thing, the browser. Software as a Service has now removed a users’ dependency on the operating system for access to good quality software.

In my opinion Adobe has a slight advantage over Google purely because of it’s control of the Flash Player. As of June 2009, 99% of all computers worldwide have some version of flash player installed (I am talking about the consumer space, not the enterprise space where the flash adoption rate is still in the mid sixties).

The Flash player has powerful graphics and can produce stunning user interfaces that are just as powerful as desktop applications. Adobe AIR and Flex make it possible for a rich client side experience using advanced server side programming.

Now all the critical applications/software you use in your day to day affairs, such as, PowerPoint, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Email Management, Form Creation, File and Document Management (The traditional explorer concept) are available online.

What do you know, even anti-virus software (Like Norton and McAfee) is available online.

So in the next 6-12 months the price of a computer will drop significantly. All you need is a bare box with an opensource OS like Lunix (perhaps) and there you go, you have everything you need to do your daily work.

For that matter Google has already announced the launch of Google OS, it own operating system designed to replace the legacy (sounds old), Windows and Mac OS.

As Google shares more about the OS it’s building, I will be posting about it right here on my blog.

So here are some questions for you.

  • How dependent are you on your Windows PC to do everything?
  • Do you use any online applications as part of your daily business routine?
  • When was the last time you purchased a software that installs via a disc?

Until next time, adios…


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  1. Does that mean there will be more money for telcos as people will become dependent on them to access online sw.

    Kind Regards



    September 8, 2009 at 12:23 am

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