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Blessed is He Who Embraces the Human Element

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Search Engines, Social Networking web sites, News web sites and many other web sites are in existence today because there is a large user base that justifies their existence.

No matter how hard web site owners try, by adding photos, blogs, social profiles etc, the fact of the matter is that there is nothing personal, nothing human about content on the web.

Industry innovators such as Google and Microsoft are both actively seeking out new ways of “Humanising” the online experience. By that I mean giving the online activity a the Human Touch.

Natural Language Processing and  the Semantic Web are two of the most prominent initiatives of the current times that are targeted at bringing more and more of the Human touch into the internet realm.

I spell human with a capital H (expect on this occassion) to illustrate the importance and an almost need for reverance of the very essence, the reason for the existence of the internet – Humans. Read the rest of this entry »