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13 steps to creating a killer email marketing newsletter

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  1. Define Success– Ask yourself “ What is the purpose of your newsletter?” An Email Newsletter is a substantial investment of company resources in terms of time and energy, and you need to define in as tangible terms as possible the purpose of your Email Newsletter.
  2. Voice – Establish a voice or editorial personality – whether newsy, serious, gossipy or funny – that is synergistic with the image you want to portray and connects with your audience.
  3. From Line– Whether a person’s name, name of the newsletter or company name – determine what will resonate best with your readers and stay with it.
  4. Subject Line– “Vol. 1, Issue #4” or “Company X News” are not enticing subject lines. They are certainly consistent and simple, but they don’t tell your readers anything that will motivate them to open your email. Your subject line is your calling card – entice your readers with the most interesting or intriguing information in your Email Newsletter.
  5. Style/Format– Establish a format and layout of your Email Newsletter that is clean and simple, with elements of the Email Newsletter (table of contents; “Tips”, subscription information, etc. located in the same spot each issue).
  6. Content – Figure out what your readers want and give it to them. Seek continuous improvement by obtaining reader feedback and monitoring click-through rates to determine what types of articles are most popular.
  7. Frequency– Determine how frequently your readers want to hear from you/receive your Email Newsletter – and what you can commit to. Don’t launch a weekly newsletter if you are not absolutely certain that you can distribute a quality Email Newsletter every Tuesday at 10:00 am.
  8. Timing– Test and pick a day and time that works best …and stick to it. Readers should almost be able to set their watches by the receipt time of your Email Newsletter.
  9. Viral– Provide information readers can act on or that stimulates reaction – forwarding it to friends and peers, stimulating purchases or requests for additional information. Make it easy for readers to forward articles and information to peers and friends. Provide a “Forward to a Friend” link that enables readers to forward the Email Newsletter with a personalized note.
  10. Search– Make it easy to find articles of interest and back issues. Provide a table of contents and links to articles within the newsletter and to resources and past articles on your site.
  11. Printing – Consider providing “printer-friendly formats” on your Web site.
  12. Personalize– At minimum address the reader by name. The most successful newsletters have a human being associated with them…and a personality. If possible, your Email Newsletter should be “written by a person” at your company…not the company.
  13. Test– Test the Email Newsletter on few email addresses to check for errors and other issues – before sending to the entire distribution list.


Written by manaskumar

October 14, 2008 at 1:29 pm