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Cyber Terrorism: Hacked

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While I am not surprised, the website has been hacked by a global hacker team that goes by the name of Peace Crew.

The hacker group have also hacked other high profile websites, according to the BBC. Earlier this year, the US Army website, and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s website were hacked by the group. The group replaced pages with white space and a photograph of a boy throwing stones at an Israeli tank in Gaza.

The hacked sites also carried pictures of the Israeli, American and British flags with a red line through them.

No prizes for guessing the religious agenda of this group.

On this particular occasion,, which usually displays news stories now shows  a photograph of Microsoft (ex) boss Bill Gates with pie on his face. The photograph was taken after French anarchist Paul Godin hurled a pie at Billy in April, 1998.

Apparently all the sub domains are also unreachable.

A Google Search revealed in the following state:

What happens when you search on

What happens when you search on

But if you go to you will see this

The current "Hacked" state of

The current "Hacked" state of

Apparently the NZ Herald tried contacting MSN but the receptionist said “No one’s here to comment”. Typical Microsoft.

Here’s the actual screenshot

Did you want some proof - click to view full size.

Did you want some proof - click to view full size.


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