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Visitor to Customer – The Magic of Human Interaction

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6 billion people, over 8 billion web pages – Now what are you doing to differentiate your online presence from the rest of the crowd?

No matter how fancy or techy your website looks, ultimately it’s being used by humans. And humans relate better to humans that they ever will to “behind the scenes” technology (no matter how cool you make it).

In one of my previous articles warning business owners of the danger of ignoring the importance of the Human Element, I talked about how the Human Element is what makes a company’s online presence “real”.

You see the web is a very 2-dimensional space and when you have a product or service offering that competes in a “red ocean” market, you need every bit of personality to help you differentiate – afterall, who you are makes a big difference when it comes to people buying your products or services. Read the rest of this entry »