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Five Ways To Cut Your Telecommunications Bill

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This article is all about making sure the truth about VoIP is no longer hidden and that you will see how a well constructed VoIP system can save you thousands every year.

Broadband services have become so essential to everyday life that even the recession hasn’t forced most consumers and businesses to give them up. Most broadband subscribers have no idea whether or not their telco/ISP is giving them the best deal for both data and voice services.

So with everyone looking for ways to cut back on monthly spending, there’s no better time than now to turn the screws on business phone bills.

Keep in mind that the telecommunications industry profits from price obfuscation. Every carrier offers a range of plans with confusing names and rules. Few customers understand when “free” minutes begin and end or under what circumstances they’ll incur toll charges. Most businesses have no idea how many peak minutes they actually use in a typical month, and carriers don’t offer warning systems to tell us when we’ve exceeded our monthly allotments.

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Written by manaskumar

December 30, 2008 at 4:58 am